May 12, 2008

Bridesmaids: Jessica McClintock Bridesmaids

Jessica McClintock Bridesmaids Collection
Jessica McClintock, a widowed mother of a young son, arrived in California in 1969 with a teaching credential in hand. Eager to be an educator, Jessica soon learned of a small apparel company known as Gunne Sax. A modest investment soon led to the birth of a premier design house... Jessica McClintock, Inc.

Jessica McClintock, a name synonymous with romance, used skills learned at an early age from her beloved seamstress grandmother, to become a fashion icon to a generation. Before long, Jessica had turned Gunne Sax into an empire now known as Jessica McClintock, Inc. Continually creating new and innovative designs, Jessica has expanded her single line of dresses, Gunne Sax, to a multifaceted apparel company, composed of design divisions that cater to the bridal, designer, missy, junior and children's wear customers.

Without ever losing the primary focus.. romance, Jessica McClintock, Inc., now encompasses a vast national and international wholesale business selling Jessica's designs throughout North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Using the same passion and creativity, Jessica has also expanded her business empire by venturing into the highly competitive retail market with 41 company owned boutiques, and plans for opening more.

Jessica McClintock Bridesmaids Collection gallery and retailer information available at Jessica McClintock.

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