Apr 24, 2008

Groom's Guide to Formalwear

First and foremost, no matter how good you looked at your high school prom, you need to follow these steps to not screw up your Wedding attire. Your wedding outfit is the jump to the big leagues and if you are reading this article you are probably a rookie. Remember this general rule, consult with your bride (she most likely has forgotten more about fashion then you will ever learn) and check with her before you put money down on anything.

Simple to-do list:

-Figure out the basic style that best suits your wedding theme.

-Call Formalwear shops to set up appointments (not required everywhere, but you won't know until you call) Find a shop in our Tuxedo and Men's Formal Wear State Directory

-Try on what will seem like and endless array of the same thing. (You will know you have tried on enough when you can tell the difference between a peaked and notched lapel)

-Purchase your Wedding day outfit or arrange to rent a tux.

-Outfit should include; Shoes, Shirt, cummerbund or vest, tie or ascot, cuff links and studs, and socks.

-Decide on your Groomsmen's attire, convey the information they need to order their outfit. This can be passed on to the Best Man.

-Have Best Man make sure Groomsmen go for their fittings and actually order their outfits, with enough time to actually get them for the Wedding (most place need weeks, if not months to coordinate 10 outfits)

-Have the Father's place their orders (typically all the men in the Wedding, Grooms Father is considered part of the wedding party, wear the same outfit)

-Remember a Maid of Honor's can stand out a little, your Best Man can not (people will know who he is by the time he gives his Toast)

-Appoint someone to bring your rented wear back or have your suit dry-cleaned while you are on you honeymoon.

-Break in your shoes before the Wedding. Walk around the house in them for short periods of time. You do not want to be breaking in new shoes the day of your Wedding or you will have horrible blisters for your entire Honeymoon.

-Pass out from exhaustion

When you start complaining about this process, just remember you don't have to bustle and you probably don't even know what it is, so don't complain too much to your bride. She definitely has it worse than you.


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