Apr 24, 2008

Best Man Duties

So your Buddy, the Groom, has officially asked you to be the Best Man and you have a million questions. Some of your answers you will find in Bridal Party Duties, but some more important information will be found in this article.

What does it mean to be the Best Man?

Well for certain it is an honor to be chosen by your friend, or brother to be his Best Man, but it does come with responsibilities. You are officially the go-to guy for all his wedding woes and dilemmas. You will be there to stop him from doing stupid things because he has had too much to drink at his Bachelor Party. You will help him relax and realize why he is getting married in the first place (whether or not you agree with it). It is your job to be his rock.

Specific Duties

You will plan the Bachelor Party. This will be based on the Groom's general ideas and with his guest list. You will gather the groomsmen and invite the guest. You will bear the brunt of the responsibility if the groom doesn't make it home for three days, too. You will have to handle the money and make sure everyone chips in. You will have to look the bride in the eyes and explain anything that the groom confesses to, so I suggest an 'R' rating at worst, but stay away from 'NC-17' (you might be single but the groom is about to get married).

Help organize the formal wear for the groomsmen and yourself. This includes making sure they all get their fittings in time and any out-of-town fellows send in their measurements so you can order their tuxes. You will also be responsible for returning the Groom's Tux (or having it cleaned) after the Wedding, while he is on his honeymoon.

Officially toasting the Bride and Groom at the Wedding Reception. This is for some guys the most daunting task, for others a pleasure. Just remember not to have too much to drink and embarrass your buddy in front of his whole family. Remember to say something nice about the Bride in your toast, it is her day, too.

You might have to dance with the Maid of Honor. This can be a treat or a task but either way, you must be a gentleman and be as graceful as you can. If you are a good dancer this should be easy, if not see about some lessons. If you already know and get along well with the Maid of Honor, then perhaps you guys can practice the dance prior to the Wedding Reception.

Signing the Marriage Certificate. This is an honor, and not necessarily a task. Simply throw down your John Hancock when told to and the couple will be officially married.

Attend all functions as directed. This might include an Engagement Party, a Bachelor Party, a Jack and Jill Party, the Rehearsal Dinner, rarely a bridal shower, and of course the Wedding Day activities.

These are basic guidelines for the duties of the Best Man, just keep in mind, every Groom is different and he may ask you to do more. In olden days the Best Man would bring the Bride her meal on the Day of the Wedding and then escort the Mother of the Bride to the Church. This is a duty that is rarely seen today. But if you happen to be my Best Man don't be surprised if I ask.


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