Apr 21, 2008

Formal Wedding Reception

Formal Wedding Reception include many specific parts that need to have attention paid to them. The formality of the event suggested a needed structure and there for Modern Wedding Advice has included a handy list to take you through each part of your Formal Reception.

The Main Parts


Greetings are set into three distinct items; Cocktail hour, Guest Book, and Receiving Line

Cocktail Hour- This is a sort of thank you to your guests for waiting patiently while, you and your closest relative are taking pictures. This hour-ish offers your guests a chance to mingle and discuss how beautiful the wedding ceremony was and how excited they are that the Bridal Couple included them in their special day. Hors d'oeuvres and Cocktails are passed amongst the guests.

Guest Book- Whether it is a thick vellum tome or an architectural masterpiece, your guest book will forever remain as a reminder of who shared your Wedding Day with you. The guests book should be on its own table, which you can include a few photos of the Bridal couple. The beginning of the night while everyone is mingling is a perfect time for guest book signings and should be mentioned by the DJ or Host.

Receiving Line- This is a wedding tradition that is sorely missed in some Modern Weddings. Most Bride's only complaint it that they were not able to spend enough time with their guests. The traditional receiving line can give way to the more modern Bridal Circle, which is when the bride and groom make a round and visit every table to say a hello. This can take more time, but it also lets the guests sit and watch the events, instead of standing in the back of a long line and wait for their chance.

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The Dancing section of your Formal Reception is an important thank you and make for simply great photos and video.

The First Dance- Whether slow, fast, waltz or break dance- the first dance as a married couple is the most beautiful part of the Reception. Make sure the song is long enough for everyone to take a good picture. This is a moment when all the mothers will be in tears.

The Parent Dances- The time has come, Daddy's Little Girl has become the Groom's Little Woman. This moment will be forever remembered by all your family. Just don't forget Mommy's little man gets to share a special moment with Mom too.

The Menu is an important part of your Formal Reception and should be considered as highly important. True, it is unlikely that the bridal couple will be able to enjoy this meal fully, but your guest will remember it.

The Cuisine- Typical menu consists of salad, main course, dessert, cake, and coffee/tea. Wine is a variable that can be considered with the meal.

The Cake Cutting- This event is typically right before or after the salad. The groom places his right hand over the bride's and together they cut the cake. The rest will be professional sliced in the back for your guests. The Groom feeds the bride a bite and the bride then feeds the groom.

The Departing moments of your Formal reception include; Last Dance, Bouquet toss and the Garter Toss.

Last Dance- Like the First Dance this is a way to say thank you to the guests, by showing off your dance moves. It is more typically a slow song and will result in the Bride in tears.

Bouquet Toss- The event is announced as the Bridal couple is preparing to depart. The Single ladies gather round and the Bride with her back turned launches the Bouquet into the crowd. The lady who catches the bouquet is thought to be the next likely to wed.

Garter Toss- Similar to the Bouquet toss, but this time the Groom throws the Bride's Special Garter to the Single Guys.

After these moments are finished the Newlyweds get into their transport and make their way to their night's destination. The Wedding Reception can and typically goes on longer with dancing and drinks.

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