Mar 27, 2008

Wedding Tuxedo Advice

By Sarah Evans, guest author and owner of Wedding Help

If you’re like most guys out there and don’t have a real eye or concern for fashion, then going to pick out tuxedos for your wedding can seem like cruel and unusual punishment from your bride to be. Nevertheless, the task does need to be done eventually, and with enough time for your groomsmen to get in and get their measurements done. So, in other words, you can’t put it off forever. So, if you’re looking at having to go and pick out your wedding tuxedo, and don’t know the difference between a single and double breasted suit jacket, then here is a great list of terms you’ll need to know to finish the task .

Tuxedo Jackets

Single Breasted Jacket- This tuxedo jacket can have anwhere from one to four buttons, all in one column on the jacket.

Double Breasted Jacket- This tuxedo jacket is a little dressier, and has anywhere from two to six buttons in two columns on the jacket.

Full Dress Jacket- Also called tails or a tailcoat, this tuxedo jacket is cropped (or shorter) in the front with two tails in the back, with two to six buttons in the front. This is a great tuxedo jacket for an ultra-formal event.

Mandarin Jacket- This jacket can be distinguished by a stand-up collar and is worn with a Mandarin collared shirt. No tie is worn with this tuxedo.

Cutaway Jacket- This tuxedo jacket is short in the front and longer in the back, tapering from the waist button to the tails on the back. It’s a great jacket for a formal daytime wedding.

Tuxedo Collars/Lapels

Wing Collar- The most formal choice for tuxedos and has a stand up collar with downward points.

Crosswyck Collar- This collar style crosses in the front and is fastened with a button

Mandarin Collar- Like the Mandarin Jacket, this collar stands up at the neck and has a more contemporary look.

Tuxedos Ties and Accessories

Bow Tie- Bow ties are a classic, and come in many colors to choose from.

Neck Tie- Wearing a classic necktie is also an option and still looks great with a tuxedo.

Ascot Tie- This tie is a wider tie, more formal, and is folded over and fastened with a tie tack.

Vests (Waistcoats)- Vests come in all colors with all sorts of patterns to choose from for you to express yourself and your personality. A white vest with a white tie is an excellent choice for the groom, very classy.

Cumberbunds- Cumberbunds are basically pieces of fabric worn around the waist when there is no vest. Cumberbunds are usually a basic black, with white for the groom, but any colors can be chosen to go along with wedding colors.

Trust me, when it comes to wedding day styles, guys really have it easy. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a huge undertaking, and it can be hard to find the perfect wedding dress you’re looking for. I was lucky that I had someone who showed me how to design your own wedding dress! That made it much easier for me to get the wedding day look I wanted! I hope this guide helps, and happy tuxedo shopping!

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