May 2, 2008

Beach Wedding Favors

With a beach themed wedding, there are plenty of options for favors that will complement the style of the wedding day.

Seashell Photo Frame, Sailboat Photo Frame- Include a card with your names and wedding date, then your guests can use these frames for a special picture of their own, and they'll think of you whenever they look at it.

Candle or tealight holder- There are plenty of candle holders available with sea shell motifs, starfish, palm trees, sailboats.

Tin pail candle- A candle in a tin pail is a very beachy reminder that will be enjoyed on summer days, or indoors in the winter to remember the fun and sun of your Wedding.

Floating candles- Floating candles in the shape of a shell or other beach themed item will be enjoyed by your guests.

A tin of mints with a beach decoration- A tin of mints, personalized with your names and wedding date printed on a beach theme, will make a lovely favor.

A seashell bottle stopper- Could also be a sailboat, palm tree, or other beach theme.

Key chains or bottle openers- In a variety of materials, in the shape of a shell, flip flop, dolphin, even a tropcial drink.

Glass coasters with a print of a beach scene, or sand and shells in the design.

Polished beach rocks with words such as love, forever, happy, carved in them, tied up with ribbon in an organza bag.

A trinket box your guests can use, filled with miniature sea shells.

A Christmas ornament- Whether it's a destination Wedding in December, or a low key event in July, a Christmas ornament would be an unusual and memorable favor.

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