Feb 25, 2008

Ordering Wedding Invitations

Now is the time of year for the summer brides to start ordering wedding invitations. I feel that makes it appropriate to include this article now. If you follow these simple rules you will be able to pick and order your invitations in a matter of hours, instead of weeks.

Select a style:
After you have gone through great lengths to discover your ideal wedding theme and color palette, you should incorporate it into your wedding invitations. Wedding invitations come in a variety of of styles which can suite any taste, traditional, modern, destination, theme. If you are concerned with the environmental impact of your few hundred wedding invitations, feel free to find recycled paper stock or have cloth invitation designed. Scour the Web and find the best pricing (Find the perfect invitation for your special day. Choose from hundreds of designs, customize your text, preview and order online.) Once you have figured out what style you want, make sure you are dealing with the right company.

Finding the Correct Online Vendor
This can be daunting, with so many companies to choose from. How do you know which one is right? Well if you have gone to a wedding and received an invitation you liked, ask your friend who did theirs. This is an easy way to do reconnaissance.
-Consider the company reputation and service. Look at the website for "Terms and Conditions" statements, to see the return policy,
-Is the website user friendly? Can you make custom invitations without much hassle. If not, try another site or pick from the pre-made invitations.
-Is the Company viable? Has the company been in the business of Wedding Invitations for more than five years? This is important, because a great deal of fraudulent companies exist in the online world. Make sure you know who you're dealing with.
-Is there a contact number? If there is call them and find out anything you want. Ask them "your" questions and see if you feel comfortable with the answers.

Get Some Samples
This overlooked, most of the time, with online vendors. You should have any company you are dealing with send you some samples, in the mail. Look at the actual product you are buying. Make sure the paper is of nice stock (thickness). If you wanted flimsy invites, you could print them yourselves and save a load of money.

Customize your invitations
Assuming you have found "the" invitations and you have your Venue, Wedding Date, Wedding Time, and locations finalized it is time to customize your wedding invitations.

Most online providers can suggest the wording, all you have to do is substitute your specific information and poof, you have an invitation. Take your time, check your spelling and times. Then check again, and then again. If you are given the option to send the wording to a friend, have them check the information and spelling. You really don't want to spend $400 on invitations and find out you misspelled you father's name.

Place the Order
Alright, now you are ready you should place your order. Remember to include enough time to receive the invitations and recheck them, and also leave enough time for problems to be resolved. You should order your invites 1-2 months before you plan on sending them. Always order 25 more invitations then you think you need.

Relax and Wait
Make sure that you remember that you need to breath during this process. Also make sure you re-read How to avoid being a "bridezilla" and take the necessary steps to avoid heart failure.


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