Apr 11, 2008

Dance Lessons?

When planning your Wedding Day keep in mind that there are certain universal traditions that everyone will expect the newlyweds to include. These range from Cutting of a Wedding Cake to Throwing the Bouquet. What can be the most terrifying of these for non-dancers is the first dance a married couple.

It has become a recent trend for the engaged couple to choreograph their first and last dance with a dance instructor. This can be very helpful to keep the stress off of this portion of the night, as well as being a nice way to relieve some of the day-to-day stresses of the wedding planning process.

It is easy to find an instructor. Just look in the yellow pages or do a google search for Dance Schools. Then call the closest one and ask if they offer private lessons to engaged couples. Ask if they offer a package deal to get you on your feet. Most will be able to help, and in fact look forward to this fun experience.

Things to keep in mind:

I just won't have a dance- It is not a good option to just not have a first dance. You'll be missing out on a very memorable experience, a great photo opportunity, and you'll disappoint all those guests who were looking forward to seeing you and your sweetie showcasing this very romantic moment.

Start practicing early- The worst thing is to look uncomfortable dancing with your new mate

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Practice at home
- Remember to take time to practice so you look comfortable. Just put on a romantic song and hold each other tight. This is a lovely way to spend a Saturday night.

Keep dancing- Even after the Wedding is done, spend some time dancing together in the living room. It is a great way to reconnect with your most beloved after a tiring day at the office or with the kids.

Dancing is meant to be enjoyable. Don't fret over it. And remember that even if you can't afford or don't want lessons, you should dance at your wedding. It is always an option to hold each other and dance in a circle, just like you did at your first dance in Junior High School. It is about showing how much you love each other and letting everyone see you doing it.


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