Mar 2, 2008

Bridesmaids Troubles?

Here follows some typical questions relating to Bridesmaids and Bride troubles. A scenario is offered with some helpful tips as how to deal with the situation and remain friends with your bridesmaids. Remember first and foremost, your bridesmaids are your closest family and friends, but they do have their own lives to live. They are willingly making a sacrifice to be in your Wedding, they are usually spending a great deal of money and spending a great deal of time trying to make sure you have the best day possible. If you can see things from their point of view then you probably will not have many issues. But in case you do here are a few ideas to help you through.

Bridesmaid Ellen used to be the most helpful gal. Now she seems disinterested and isn't willing to Pitch in like she did once. What should I do?

Remember this Ellen has a life in addition to your Wedding planning. She isn't required to do things for your wedding (especially if you didn't preface the requested duties at the beginning). If you allow her some space and time, and then ask if she would be willing, as a friend, to help it would be much appreciated. You can also flatter her, saying "She is the only one you can think of to accomplish this particular task". Flattery goes along ways. Always think how you would want to be treated in her place.

How do I actually "fire" my bridesmaid?

Well when thing get so bad that you can't seem to get along with a member of the bridal party and you need to replace them, direct is usually the best approach. It might be more hurtful then making up a story but karma goes a long way to making it better. Would you rather be lied to or told the truth?

My Bridesmaids and Maid of Honor can't seem to get along?

Well this is certainly a dilemma. Keep in mind when picking these gals that sometimes the only thing they have in common is you. But at this point you are beyond that. Maybe try splitting up the duties or have your mother wrangle some of the bridesmaids to help her with things. This is politics and sometimes people get hurt, just try to smooth things out when you can and remember they all love you and remind them why, from time to time.

Well there are more Bridesmaids troubles and I will feature the answers to them as I can. If you are having particular problems feel free to send a comment and we will attempt to help you through your particular troubles as best we can.


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