May 12, 2008

Bridesmaids: Kristie Kelly For Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

Kristie Kelly For Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Bridesmaid Collection
Disney is proud to introduce our exclusive bridal fashion line created by couture designer, Kirstie Kelly. With her Bridal and Maidens gowns, Kirstie Kelly creates a look that connects to every girl's inner princess. Kirstie Kelly's fantasy collection continues with enchanting accents and jewels - and the perfect wish to let your fairy tale begin...

Known for her vision, quality and timeless looks, Kirstie Kelly designs for America's most fashionable celebrities and socialites. She has spent the past 12 years specifically creating exquisite and original gowns for today's most beautiful brides. With every gown, Kirstie embodies the unique personality and subtle qualities of each client. It is with this philosophy that she brings to life Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, creating a line that captures the unique spirit and beauty of each Disney Princess.

No mere lady-in-waiting, with Maidens, every girl becomes the princess that she dreams she can be. Inspired by our six Disney Princesses, these gowns are fit for royalty. Here, getting ready for the ball means dressing the part.

Down the aisle and beyond, Maidens make every formal occasion a fairy tale waiting to-be-written.

Kristie Kelly For Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings Bridesmaid Collection gallery and retailer information available at Disney Bridal.

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