May 22, 2008

Types of Lilies

Lilies have long held spiritual and philosophical significance, symbolizing innocence, purity, and new life. There are many varieties, and many colors. Some lilies have a beautiful, strong fragrance, others have hardly any fragrance at all. Alone or as part of a large bouquet, lilies are beautiful wedding flowers.

Easter Lily- Also known as a Bermuda Lily. These have white, trumpet-shaped blossoms. They symbolize purity, hope, and life. Easter lilies are commonly used as wedding flowers.

Asiatic Lily- Flowers in the Asiatic Lily family come in white, pink, plum, yellow, orange, red. They are usually not scented.

Stargazer Lily- Stargazer lilies are absolutely beautiful, traditional lilies. They are available in white, pink, salmon, and crimson. They have a wonderful, sweet fragrance.
White stargazer lilies are said to symbolize purity, and pink stargazer lilies are said to symbolize prosperity.

Calla lily- Calla lilies symbolize beauty. Traditional white lilies are common in bridal bouquets, though red calla lilies are also quite stunning.

Martagon hybrids- Yellow, white, pink, lavender, light orange, deep dark red; with freckles and spots. Turk's Cap.

Trumpet lilies- Varieties of trumpet or aurelian lilies have spotless, fused petals. Highly fragrant. Trumpet lilies are primarily available in white and yellow.

Tiger lily- Several varieties are referred to as tiger lilies. These take their name from their orange color with darker spots along the petals. Tiger lilies symbolize wealth, prosperity, and pride.

Humboldt's lily- Humboldt's lilies are golden orange, with deep red spots.

Shasta lily- Shasta lilies are white or light pink, with almost purple spots. These are a fragrant lily

Madonna lily- Madonna lilies are white, with yellow at the base. These are fragrant and beautiful flowers.

Goldband lily- Goldband lilies have the largest flowers of all lilies. They are white with golden yellow markings. They are a fragrant lily.

Orange lily (fire lily)- These lilies are striking in appearance, but be aware that giving these as a gift is thought to signify death. Be careful with the bouquet toss!

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