May 20, 2008

Wedding Cupcake Cake

For the modern wedding couple who is not only trying for a great special wedding day, but also trying to consider a more budget friendly wedding, an alternative to a wedding cake is especially important. The bride association of America says the avg. wedding cake costs $543 which is huge cost for a simple part of your wedding. A cupcake tree instead of a Wedding cake can considerably lower the cost.

Consider different types of cupcakes for your modern wedding, than the more traditional chocolate or vanilla variety. Also consider the time of year. Lighter cupcakes are better in the summer and spring, angel food cake or lemon, while keeping your ganache or pudding-filled cupcakes for the fall and winter. For your lighter cupcakes you can consider adding a lighter frosting and some seasonal fruit like strawberries, kiwi or lemon.

The more exotic the cupcake the more people will enjoy it. Highly customized cupcakes with haute cuisine ingredients are currently all the rage. People want very special cupcakes tailored to their wedding and their personality. Personalization can mean, wedding colors, initials, nationalities, and even astrological signs. The ingredient are for a sophisticated foodie, including chocolate ganache, cardamom, green tea and lavender are currently some of the wedding trends.

Keep the presentation unique but attainable. The point is to make them accessible so your guest can eat them.

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