May 18, 2008

Wedding Cake Cost-Cutting

Modern Bride's and Groom's have a great ability to have a more reasoned thought process when considering wedding budgets. It can be the extreme overall cost of modern weddings, but more likely it is the fact that the modern couple is usually footing at least part of the bill. Here are some ways to lessen the financial burden by cutting some costs on the wedding cake.

Double-duty- Many caterers will charge you to cut a cake from an outside designer, whether or not they recommended them. And the outside designer will charge you delivery and setup fees. Cut the double charge out of your bill by using the caterers pastry chef instead of an outside designer, they will most likely be able to produce a splendid cake at a fraction of the cost.

Variety costs less- If instead of one large cake for everyone, you order several smaller cakes, you will usually save a great deal of money on assembly charges. And with this option you can have different types of cake, so for the diabetics, chocolate lovers, and cheesecake freaks, everyone will be happy.

Flowers sometimes cost less- Don't tell this to your florist but flower do cost less as wedding cake decorations then the more traditional sugar pastes. If you keep the sugar decorations to a minimum and add more floral designs to your cake you will save money.

Small cake feeding all- Huge tiered cakes can cost a fortune and sometimes when you talk to your baker, they will push for them. But you can feed your 200 guests simply by using a smaller cake for the picture and cake-cutting moments. Then when the cake is whisked away to be cut, they can instead use a large sheet cake of the same recipe for the the guests. No one will know the difference. And sheet cakes will taste the same and cost hundreds less.

Satellite, not Tiered- A satellite cake is created when an upper layer of separate cakes is tiered on top of a lower layer of separate cakes. The lower layer serves as the cake's "base." Essentially, satellite cakes are used when the cake needs to be built "out" as well as "up," and when the cost of creating a tall cake is prohibitive to the wedding budget. If you're a bride in need of a towering multi-layer cake, ask your baker about adding satellites instead of tiers. It's a beautiful solution to an otherwise pricey problem.

Square is costly- Boxy cakes are mod, but they are more difficult for the baker to build and frost. It takes time and talent and more money because of that. If you are trying to save money, use a more traditional round cake.

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