Feb 23, 2008

Christmas Wedding Centerpieces

Some traditional and unique Christmas Wedding Centerpiece Ideas are included. I hope this perks your imagination and makes you realize the wealth of ideas on this subject virtually means there is no wrong choice and you never have to settle for what other people you know did.

Giant glass or see-through Bowls of Christmas ornaments can be a great idea for a centerpieces that could double as a Christmas Wedding Favor (they could be personalized or hand-painted with you wedding date). The big round shiny ones . red, green, blue, silver, gold. Fill each bowl with however many people are at that table. Every guest reaches inside the bowl and takes one home as their Favor.
Gift boxes, either small one in a bowl (as above) or big gifts which could be opened at one point in the night. They could hold any Christmas Wedding favor you decide to give...or could just be filled with candy for your guests to enjoy. This can be varied and personalized for your wishes.

Poinsettias can be set in the center of the table and are popular around christmas time. You could also put rings of holly or roping around the table to add that Christmas flair. Oh and Don't forget to add the Mistletoe over the Bride and Groom seats. This will help with the kissing. Just remember both Mistletoe and Poinsettias are Poisonous, so beware if adding to Cake or around children.

Well these were a few ideas I am sure we will add more for you in the near future.


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