Feb 24, 2008

Christmas Wedding Favors

These are some ideas for Christmas Wedding Favors, which your guest will go crazy for.

Wooden Napkin Rings
You can purchase wooden napkin rings in most department stores or craft stores. Paint red, green or gold. Add gold foil stickers, if desired, around rings and seal with acrylic sealer.

Pot Holders
Cut 6" squares of quilted Christmas material. Sew a contrasting color of seam binding along raw edges to finish. Add a small loop at one corner for hanging. If you like, embroider your names and wedding date on the pot holders.

Cinnamon Sticks
Tie 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks together with Christmas ribbon. Tuck in a sprig of holly beneath ribbon.

Christmas Ornaments
Buy or make your own Christmas ornaments. Place in a circle of red, green or white tulle. Tie up with ribbon.

Miniature Wreaths
Buy small craft wreaths at a local craft store. Decorate with ribbon, holly berries and small dried flowers. Tie a bow to one side and add a loop for hanging in the back.

Small Poinsettia Plants
Buy small plants and tie a large, white bow around the pot.

Crocheted Snowflake Ornaments
Crochet (or have someone do them for you) snowflakes and stiffen with fabric stiffener. While the snowflake is still wet from the stiffener, spring some silver sparkles over top of it. Add a loop to the top to be able to hang on the tree. Place in a small flat box and wrap box like a Christmas present.

Give your guests some nice Christmas coasters. Wrap a big red ribbon around coasters to secure and tie a big bow on top.

Hot Chocolate
Give personal packets of hot chocolate to your guests. Make up some holiday/wedding labels on your computer, print out and stick to the packets of hot chocolate.

Christmas Recipe Book
If the two of you have some all-time favorite Christmas foods that you love, get the recipes and type them up into a small recipe book.

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Favor said...

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MaryellenBride said...

I can not wait for my christmas wedding!! There are just sooooo many great ideas for a beautiful christmas wedding. I found the perfect favors for our wedding at www.christmascentral.com They are gorgeous snowflake ornaments! I couldn't be happier!!