Mar 28, 2008

Simple Wedding Checklist

This isn't complete it is just the start...You can get a more complete timeline through Here. Whether you are planning a 2008 wedding or later this is timeless information.

Tell Your Parents, friends and other important family members

Arrange for your families to meet (if they already haven't)

Announce your engagement

Have an engagement party

Envision your Wedding theme. (we like the Christmas Wedding theme)

Set your Budget and figure who is contributing

Free bachelorette party games you can download

Select a Wedding Date

Hire a wedding planner

Choose and book your Reception and Ceremony sites

Start your Guest list

Beginning thinking about Wedding Favors

Choose and book you Officiant or Priest

Choose and ask your Bridal Party (if you are stuck on who's going to be MOH or BM then wait and promote someone later)

Meet with Florists, Caterers and Musicians or DJ's

Arrange for a Cake Tasting

Well these should get you through the first couple of weeks of planning and then you will have more choices about more wedding related topics then you could ever imagine, but the good news is you have atleast already found your date to the wedding, which you will find is the best part.


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