Mar 6, 2008

Variations of Christmas Weddings

When start looking at the Theme to you Christmas Wedding celebration, remember nothing is set in stone. You are completely able to choose a more specific theme to your Christmas Wedding.
Here are some Variations that might be fun to play with.

-Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" theme took place during the Romantic period in English history and was filled with such beauty. You can research the dress and times of this historic work and incorporate them into your theme. Old English Garb, Men in Dickens' era dress and the Ladies can certainly easily find Dresses that work with this theme.

-A Disney Christmas Wedding is certainly my favorite idea. You can wear a Disney Princess Gown and dress your Bridesmaids in other princess dresses. Use More brilliant "cartoony" colors for your wedding them. Watch "Beauty and the Beast" again and tell me you don't want to wear Belle's Ball Gown to your Wedding.

-A White Christmas Wedding. White is the friend of any Wedding. Use this concept to go one step further not only using the 1950's Ski resort idea. You can have a light blue and white theme. Have the guest throw snow flakes or bubbles to accentuate the decor. Flowergirl fairies can drop snowflakes too.

Well those are just some ideas to get you started. I know there are a million ideas on any Wedding. Oh and how about you Summer Brides. You know people celebrate the Christmas in July tradition...So why not a Christmas Wedding in July.


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