Feb 14, 2008

Wedding planning

Well, we are underway with the wedding planning..The budget is set (as much as it can be), we are starting our discussions with Wedding Vendors(We have found great local vendors on Theknot.com), we are optimistic and excited.

What we have accomplished so far...

The groomsmen are picked are ready to go.
The bridesmaids have been chosen and are eager.
The Maid of Honor is picked.
The Parents of the Bride and Groom are happy and helping.
The Honeymoon is booked and the Wedding Date is set.
We picked a church(catholic).

What is left.

Marriage prep course
Marriage license
Blood Tests
Reception Site (we know where, just have to negotiate)
Wedding Dress
Wedding Gown alterations
Wedding Favors
And I guess a million other details that we will get into more later...

For now we will take things slow and steady and remember we love each other and that this is a big day were planning, but more importantly it is a huge life we have ahead of us.

--Mickey & Minnie

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