Sep 27, 2007

Winter Wedding Flowers

Flower styles, availabilities, and costs vary throughout the year. This also varies from region to region. Florists can get almost any type of flowers for you, but it makes sense to have the bulk of your floral arrangements made of flowers that are readily available during the season of your wedding. You have many options for winter wedding flowers. All white, all red, red and white, full color, all are available, with plenty of options for festive fillers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Narcissus- white or yellow with flowers with an orange center. Like the mythical Narcissus who was in love with his own reflection, these flowers are beautiful

Magnolia Blossoms- The pink tinted flowers offer simple elegance, and offer hints of all the life of spring time to come

Carnations- Classic flowers, always available

Violets- Small and striking flowers

Gardenia- White flowers that are beautiful for a winter wedding, elegant, and have a lovely fragrance

Amaryllis- You can get them in different colors; the petals are multi-shaded and look stunning

Orchids- Many brides love orchids, and even see them as a status symbol. These flowers really are beautiful, but they are also pricey.

Roses- Such a classic, and so many varieties to choose from. A bouquet of nothing but roses can look very elegant all on its on, or roses mixed with other flowers can draw from each other's beauty. Red and white roses are both classic and fitting for a winter wedding. Fire and Ice roses are white with red tips; though some have a more orange than red tint.

Snowball Mums- These look like what their name implies

Freesia- Many different color options, a nice simple flower

Tulips- Another classic that offers your bouquet or centerpiece a nice push of color, with many colors to choose from.

Lilies- Big, bright flowers than can add an elegant "oomph" to your bouquet. Many varieties to choose from. Calla Lilies are especially elegant, and a classic choice for a wedding flower.

Crocus- Several varieties, tending to be purple with an orange center.

Gerbera Daisies- These flowers are bright, fun and innocent, and also pack in a lot of color.

Dahlias- A beautiful burst of a flower, in a variety of colors

Lisianthus- These flowers have a gentle, truly feminine look.

To fill in your bouquet or centerpiece:
Foliage that is sprayed gold is very festive for Christmas weddings especially
Baby's Breath
Dusty Miller- this is silver, and perfect for a winter wedding as it adds an icy elegance to the arrangement

Poinsettias are wonderful as decorations or in centerpieces. You could also give these to guests to take home at the end of the night (provided they go to homes without cats or small children.)

The best way to figure out what flowers will work for your wedding is to do a little research, then sit down with your florist. They'll be able to tell you what has and hasn't worked well in their experience, plus they will be able to give you an idea of the costs of the different flowers. Keep in mind that prices can vary greatly from florist to another. Make sure you find a florist with a good reputation, who you trust to match your vision for your wedding day, and to work with you to make that happen on your budget.


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