Mar 7, 2008

Celebrity Weddings

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes married, the papers were filled with marriage announcements, gossip, and untruths. Why? Because they didn't invite the Public. Because they are capable of having the Wedding of anyone dreams and we wanted to know what that was like. More likely it is the simple fact that most papers believe they will have a 20% increase in sales when the word Wedding is in the title.

Why does the marriage of Celebrities draw so much attention? Is it the idea of people we believe we "know" are being married? Perhaps it is the fact that It is the act of something so private, that these public figures would not want to share it with the public. We all want to have the perfect Wedding, but these few can actually afford any and every detail for their Wedding.

When David and Victoria Beckham married they were paid over 1 million british pounds for the exclusive rights to their Wedding pictures. These pictures were printed in OK! and helped push their circulation past the 600,000+ mark. With more and more Celebrity having Secret Marriages we probably won't get to see another Prince Charles and Princess Diane celebration. But with the newspapers and magazines paying this kind of money we will at least be able to see the pictures. And what we secretly want most is the ability to recreate this decadent affairs, so the pictures are truly all we need.


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