Mar 5, 2008

Start Your Honeymoon Right

When you start the planning process for your Honeymoon, keep in mind the new tradition of the mini-vacation. The idea is simple, on your way to or back from your actual honeymoon plan a weekend or few days in one of these major cities and enjoy the local splendor offered. Chances are if you on you way to europe, asia or Hawaii you will have a layover in one of these tourist sites. Take advantage and turn a two hour layover into a two day extravaganza.

London- If you want history and culture we've got it, but we can also show you how to have a good time. If you want to laze around London's pubs and restaurants, see a show at a West End theatre, take in a concert of one of London's five symphony orchestras, visit the opera or see the next Smiths, Oasis or Rolling Stones appearing in a pub venue we have the details. We offer a mixture of fact and opinion designed to enable you to make the most of your visit, without getting ripped off - we can even show you how to get it all for free. For more information on London.

Boston has been known as the Hub (short for the Hub of the Universe) for hundreds of years. It is famous for everything from the Red Sox and Paul Revere to Cheers and clam "chowdah," Boston is a popular destination for so many reasons. Part history lesson, part modern metropolis, the Hub offers attractions to suit every taste and interest. Plus, it's incredibly easy to get around, either on foot or by the user-friendly public transportation system, called the T. Hop on the Freedom Trail, a well-preserved pedestrian path that weaves in and out of historic neighborhoods, from the lively Boston Common and Public Garden to the gold-domed State House and Fenway Park. Between landmarks, you can shop the fabulous stores on Newbury Street, have a delicious authentic Italian meal in the North End or browse the antique shops and distinctive red-brick buildings of Beacon Hill. The more culturally inclined will not want to miss the city's world-class museums, theater and music venues. Family friendly to the core, Boston also boasts a renowned aquarium, children's museum and science museum, making it a great getaway for all. For more information of Boston.

New York City's magnificence has captivated millions of visitors over the years for being one of the most exciting cities in the world. Whether it's your first visit or your 50th, New York City is a great destination for a weekend trip. See the landmark sights, catch a Broadway show or explore small, off-the-beaten-path museums like the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Just as it has activities to suit every interest, New York City has hotel options to suit every pocketbook. Whether you're looking for a hip new hotel, an old standard or a budget inn, you'll have plenty of options. For more information on New York City.

Los Angeles- The first-time visitor may well find Los Angeles thrilling and threatening in equal proportions; it's a place that picks you up and sweeps you along whether you want it to or not. While it has its fine-art museums, California cuisine and a few old-fashioned urban plazas, what people really come here for is to experience the city that has come to epitomize the American Dream – the fantasy worlds of Disneyland and Hollywood, as well as the gilded opulence of Beverly Hills and Malibu. For more information on LA.

Dubai- It has spectacular beaches but is not Australia; it is one of the world’s most secure destinations but is not Singapore; it has opulent city hotels and superb beachside resorts but is neither Jakarta nor Bali. It has world class shopping but is not Hong Kong.Welcome to Dubai, city of merchants, cultural crossroads, second largest of the seven United Arab Emirates. A country where the dust of the desert is clearing to reveal the potential for one of the most significant international cities of the 21st century. For more information on Dubai.

Hong Kong- Enjoy the quintessential Hong Kong experiences of endless shopping, big-city nightlife and delicious dim sum, but save time for other activities. Ride a double-decker tram past neon signs in English and Cantonese. Board a harbor cruise or head up to Victoria Peak to see vistas of lush green mountains and skyscrapers lining the coast. Spend the day on Lantau Island or at Hong Kong Disneyland or Ocean Park. Relax on the beach. And don't forget to take in Hong Kong's spectacular night views. For more information on Hong Kong.

Toronto- As the largest city in Canada, Toronto, or known as just "T.O.", attracts millions of visitors each year. Known for its clean and friendly atmosphere, Toronto is renowned for playing host to the travellers of the world. Whether you are looking for excellent shopping, beautiful golf courses, fine dining or just seeing the sights, Toronto will impress every visitor. For more information on Toronto.

So take a small pre-honeymoon trip and extend the celebration as long as you can.


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