Mar 14, 2008

Wedding Timetable Tips

In planning any large gathering a timetable of events is a helpful way to keep on track. It is the cornerstone of your sanity and will help you remember where your supposed to be and what your supposed to be doing. A Wedding Timetable is no different. There are literally hundreds of items that need your attention and the best way to organize them is in a Calendar Timetable.

Modern Wedding Advice will be offering a highly tuned timetable later on today to help you with your marriage preparations. It is a guide as it unfortunately wasn't designed with a specific wedding in mind. It is a great list of when in the preparations you should give your attention to specific items.

An important note on Marriage licensing. Every State and Country is different in their laws in regards to marriage. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the laws of your county early in the process. Most cities will issue a license around two months prior, but all licenses have a deadline for being effective. They expire and you don't want to show up to the church and find out you aren't going to be officially married because the license is out of date.

Consult the timetable, read the articles on confusing subjects, and rewrite the timetable for your wedding. Then place it in your Three-ring binder next to your Wedding Budget. Those two documents will get you through the wedding.


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