Apr 30, 2008

Julius Bridal

Julius Bridal Collection
Your satisfaction is of utmost importance. So why not start browsing now for Julius Bridal gowns? We are your one-stop dress shop. We offer great deals on Julius Bridal gowns. With our vast collection of haute couture, historical and Jules pieces, you’ll soon be picking one that fits your taste to a T.
It’s easy to be Miss Enchanting when you choose to wear a dress from Julius Bridal gowns. Go have your very own Julius Bridal gowns. What’s more, you will be delighted by the affordable price range of our Julius Bridal gowns.

Julius Bridal Collection galleries and retailer information is available at Julius Bridal.

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JONDEAN said...

I went to Julius Bridal and asked for a wedding gown, 2 MOH gowns, 3 Bridesmaids Gowns, and 1 Mother of the Bride gown. I submitted all of the pictures for the gowns in Feb ‘08. I went to Julius Bridal in Aug ‘08. The Gowns didn't arrive till Dec ‘08, and were sent to a Julius Bridal contracted seamstress in early Jan ‘08 by Julius himself. My gown was taken care of by Julius and Mimi, who felt that with over a month of time they needed to cut corners and glue crystals to my gown instead of sewing them on, or suggesting a crystal that COULD be sewn on. The crystals that fell off the straps of my gown weren't small beads with pinholes. It was a strap of large clear crystals that were hot glue gunned to a satin strap that was sewn onto the gown. The crystals litterally peeled off of the straps, and it was totally visable to everyone. The Seamstress butchered the gowns, and left us with trashed gowns and no way to fix them or order new gowns for the attendants (Davids Bridal couldn't come up with all the gowns in the little bit of time we had to spare) The only gown that was completed was the one altered by my Nana, who while being 80 years of age, still managed to do all of the flawless alterations and hand bead the parts she altered in under 2 weeks....the seamstress had a month and a half... In the end my Sister and first MOH ended up with a gown that wasn't the same color as all the other gowns and was too tight. My bridesmaid had to have a flower and sash attached to the back of her gown to hide all of the poor work. My Mother NEVER GOT HER GOWN AT ALL!! She had to get a gown from Macy's. Julius Bridal had over a month to get the straps on my gown right....and I had to be embarassed at my wedding, and have my pictures ruined... In the end Julius Bridal took no responsiblility, and wouldn't even give a small token refund for all of their poor work. I just threw the dress out....didn't even bother to have it preserved or cleaned.