May 3, 2008

Winnie Couture

Winnie Couture Collection
Winnie Couture is a modern mix of classic elegant and
sophisticated couture. It blends femininity and luxury to
create bridal attire silhouettes that are flattering and timeless.
Having debuted in the United States in August 2001,
Winnie Couture received an overwhelmingly positive
response to the collection's innovative styles, coupled with
their modern translation of vintage fashion and royal

Winnie Couture is founded by Winnie & Chris Lee,
a wife and husband team in 2000. Their passion and
devotion to the bridal industry have gained them continuous
success. After just a few short seasons, Winnie's incredible
sense of style and Chris' business and entrepreneurship skills
have positioned Winnie Couture as one of the fastest growing,
most-in-demand bridal collections across the country and
overseas in places like Europe and Asia. In fact, in just less
than five years, the brand has become available in over
250 stores. Winnie Couture progressively developing a
range of distinctive luxury attires consistent with the brand's
values. This creativity entered an exciting new realm in 2006
when Winnie Couture introduced its Destination Bridal

Winnie Couture Bridal Collection galleries and retailer information is available at Winnie Couture.

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