Feb 17, 2008

First Dance and a Waltz

Mickey actually knows how to dance, I really don't. For both of those reasons a choreographed "First Dance" would be silly. Forced, and not us. Anne Murray's "Can I have this Dance" is a great song; he came across it the day after we got engaged. We put it on the iPod in the kitchen or the office or wherever, and have a little escape dancing to that whenever we need. Hopefully one of these days I'll get the hang of it.

Actually, the other night he did give me some lessons, teaching me to waltz. It was incredibly fun. We danced to Frank Sinatra's "Christmas Waltz." If we can get that down (if I can transform one of my left feet lol) it seems like a natural choice for the wedding.

The weekend we got engaged we'd gone to a wedding of one of my childhood friends. Her parents looked so in love and so happy, and they sang to each other as they danced all night. It was the sweetest sight, everyone was so happy that night, and it made me look forward to still having that with Mickey in thirty years.

-- Minnie

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