Feb 16, 2008

Fresh Flowers vs. Artificial Flowers

So Is it still tacky for wedding flowers to be Artificial?

I am not sure in this day and age you can always get the fresh flowers you need, especially if your Wedding is in the time of year that our is. We have been discussing this topic for weeks now and our conclusion is in order to afford flowers for the Wedding we are going to have to sacrifice Fresh for Fake.

The range of Artificial flowers to choose from is immense and we are locating more and more options. The best part of this is we can start buying the flowers now instead of waiting till the week of the Wedding. This will be beneficial in two ways...

1) We will know exactly what the centerpieces and Bouquets will look
like, now (and not the day of or before the Wedding).

2) We will not have to worry about deliver mistakes.

This will both be a good thing and also help relieve some stress.

This Wedding does have a budget and no matter what Aunt Dolores says at the reception...This is our day...So we will enjoy it.



Susanne Van Hulst said...

Thank you so much for commenting on my wedding blog! I very much appreciated your kind words to my wedding photography. :-)

Kim Calakoutis said...

What about carrying a single flower. I think that would look elegant. On every table you could put a single flower in a vase, you might be able to pic up the vases real cheep somewhere.
Have you tired calling any florist, telling them what your budget is, and seeing if there is anyway they can work with it, or if they have any ideas. Even if your budget is real low, even if they can't work with it they might have an idea or two for you.