Feb 15, 2008

Wedding Guest List

So I am not sure why Theknot.com is so insistent on finalize our wedding guest list already...

I am sure it has something to do with knowing how many people so you can pick a venue and but the right amount of everything.

I suggest ten months out to know how many you can invite and who you must have at the wedding...But don't worry about specifics. You should have a final guest list by six months prior so you can send "Save the Date" cards.

well that is my opinion anyways...Anyone else have a feeling on this?


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HamiHarri said...

Great Blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

Anonymous said...

Save the Data cards are popular but also an expense that is not always necessary. Unless you have people who have to take special time off of work, make travel arrangements, etc., you really don't need them. Your wedding invitations should be sent out 6 weeks to two months in advance which is usually enough time for people to get you in their calendar. So use your best judgement on the timing of your guest list - besides you usually have a few people you forget until the last minute anyway.

Posted by Invito Cards