Mar 17, 2008

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Things you should know if you're just starting to look at Wedding Gowns:
- Make an appointment BEFORE you go. You'll get really personalized attention, and it's best if they're prepared to give you that.

- When you call, don't feel weird asking if they provide undergarments for trying on dresses. They usually will have a petticoat and a strapless bra there for you. They may also have shoes. Make Sure you know what you need to bring.

- Your Wedding Gown size will be larger than the size of your regular clothes. Doesn't reflect on you personally.

- You'll look at the dresses they have, but the salesperson will for the most part be bringing you the dresses you try on. You might not think you'll like something, but it could look completely different once you try it on.

- Don't buy a dress right away- Think about it overnight at least, to be sure you feel the same way tomorrow. Try on the same dress a couple times if you need, but really, wait until you get the one that you know is the one.

- Eat breakfast or lunch before you go. It's a tiring experience!

- Stay focused. Don't just buy the first dress or feel pressured to buy the best-ish dress, Wait till you see THE dress.


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