Mar 14, 2008

Wedding To-do's: After the Honeymoon

The big day has come and gone. You have (hopefully) spent the last few weeks relaxing and enjoying each other and this new time in your lives. Unfortunately there are a few items to wrap up before the wedding can officially become memories.


Be sure to write thank you notes promptly - handwrite them, and make them as personal as possible. Include a statement about how you'll use the gift in your new home/life.

As soon as possible, arrange for name changes, address changes and beneficiary changes on important documents. If one or both of you will be changing your name, be sure to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Social Security office (make sure that you bring your marriage certificate with you).

Take a few extra days before returning to work, so you can relax, enjoy each other and begin putting your new home (and lives) together.

Congratulations! Have a great life together, and look forward to your 50th anniversary! Get ready for everyone to question you about when you'll have children.

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