Mar 6, 2008

Nine Fun Cheap Date Ideas

Planning a wedding is a lot of fun, but it is also stressful and expensive. Hopefully you and your fiancé are enjoying this process together. Try not to let planning your wedding get in the way of your relationship. Here are some ideas to help you spend time together and relax, like when you first started dating. These are all free or really cheap, so they won’t eat into your wedding budget.

Light a fire- Light up a fire in the fireplace, and relax. Drink some wine or some hot chocolate, spread blankets and pillows on the floor, and just talk. Don’t talk about the wedding unless you both really want to.

Do a jigsaw puzzle- Pick a puzzle as complicated or as easy as you wish. Set aside a table space for the puzzle, and work on it together. You can set aside a time each night, say the half hour after dinner, turn off the phone, and just enjoy this project together. You’ll have a nice feeling of satisfaction when you complete it, and some nice quiet quality time while you get there. (Don’t fight over who gets to put in the last piece.)

Go to a zoo or aquarium- Most libraries have arrangements with local museums and zoos that allow you to get passes for free or reduced admission. This is a great way to get out of the house and do something out of the ordinary. If you’re planning on having children, you may enjoy seeing all the young families out and about. If kids aren’t your thing, plan your outing around peak kid-times- school vacations and weekends are going to be crowded.

Play Monopoly- Play Monopoly or some other board game that takes up a decent amount of time. Enjoy a little bit of competitiveness. Relax and have fun.

Bake cookies- Bake cookies from scratch. Again, a nice way to spend some time together, and you’ll have something yummy to share at the end.

Take a stroll around the neighborhood- Maybe you don’t always notice the little things about the area you live in because you’re always driving or in a rush. Leave your cell phones at home and head outdoors. Hold hands, chat, and enjoy getting to know your neighborhood in a different way from every day.

Go miniature golfing- This might have been a ton of fun when you were a kid, and nothing says that it can’t be now that you’re adults. This is a great low-key and inexpensive date.

Take a class- Find a class offered at a community center or adult education center in an area you both might be interested in. It could be dancing, cooking, a foreign language, or any number of subjects. It’ll get you out of the house together once a week or so, and you’ll learn something new together.

Plan a surprise date- Tell your partner when, but don’t tell them anything else until you get there. (OK, it is also nice to tell them approximately how they should dress.) You could take them to a concert, for a picnic in the park, to the restaurant you went to when you first started dating, or be even more creative. The fact that you put the thought into it and wanted to do something extra nice fr them will thrill your partner.

Enjoy all the craziness of this time, but do try to stay connected with each other. Getting into this habit now will also serve you well well into your married life.


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