Mar 14, 2008

Wedding To-do's: 6 Weeks before Wedding

Remember at this point that you can't stop breathing even if you don't want to anymore.


Meet with your photographer to discuss specifics; provide him/her with a checklist of pictures that you want taken.

Meet with musicians, band leader or DJ to discuss musical selections for the reception. Provide a list of songs that you want played during the wedding reception, along with a list of those that you don't want played (your DJ should have already given you a list and worksheet to do this).

Finalize and confirm honeymoon plans; purchase traveler's checks.

Ensure that all official and civil documents are in order, including baptismal, communion and confirmation certificates, citizenship papers, proof of divorce, etc.

Arrange for Wedding Rehearsal and inform wedding party members and other important parties of the time, date, and location.

Finalize rehearsal dinner plans
(traditionally done by the groom's family, but others close to the couple, including the bride's family, may do this if they so wish.)

Begin to record RSVPs and gifts received; send thank you notes promptly.

Discuss music with the church organist and/or soloist.

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