Mar 14, 2008

Wedding To-do's: One Day before Wedding

You have arrived, now the planning is basically over and the festivities begin.


Have a manicure and pedicure (for both the bride and groom, if desired.)

Attend the rehearsal. If you have questions regarding anything or would like something done differently, speak up now or forever hold your peace. Specify the exact time and location where wedding party members will meet on the wedding day.

Give the best man the check for the officiator's fee, to be delivered following the ceremony.

Go over times, locations and shots desired with photographer.

Discuss the receiving line procedure with parents and wedding attendants. Instruct any attendants who won't be in the receiving line to mingle with guests.

Ensure that your primary helper has a copy of all contracts and necessary information to field questions and handle any unanticipated scenarios on the wedding day.

Place your luggage in the car that you will be driving when you depart for the airport or honeymoon destination.

Attend the rehearsal dinner. Relax and have a great time! The rehearsal dinner is a time to unwind and express your sincere appreciation to those close to you. Don't overindulge in alcohol, caffeine or need a good night's sleep tonight!

Lay out everything that you will need to dress for the ceremony in one place at home. If you plan to dress at the ceremony site, make sure everything is in one place and ready to go tonight. Put your cell phone on charge so it's ready.

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