Apr 8, 2008

Wedding Favors - Tips On Choosing The Right Wedding Favors

By Pius Ephenus guest author and the owner of Planning A Wedding Resources.Com.

While wedding favors may be one of the simplest parts of planning a wedding, they can also be the part which is often left until the last minute. Luckily, you will almost be spoilt for choice so you won't have to worry too much about having a problem deciding what to go for. There is no longer any need to get stressed about what favors you intend to use with the large range it should make your decision easier and take less time.

One option for an easy wedding favor, especially popular with the ladies is flowers. The preparation for flowers is almost non existent other than deciding on what flowers to use which can be ordered reasonably close to the big day.

Red roses always look attractive and of course they don't have to be wrapped like many other flowers. It is simple to have these placed by the caterers on the day just prior to the wedding reception.

Unfortunately flowers do no appeal to everyone, but with three in every four receptions using candy, this is an easy wedding favor that will. Some people now use a more convenient way to present candy to their guests. Now, how simple is a large glass bowl filled with candy going to be in the centre of the table?

Supplying each wedding guest with a small tin or other presentation container so they can fill it with whatever candy they wish. This could be called a self service gift because all you have to do is supply the candy and something to place it in.

Although candy is popular, you may wish to give your guests a picture frame which is longer lasting and more useful. This is a good idea but wrapping this type of wedding favor can put many people off especially when there are a large number of guests. By using the picture frames as placeholders provides a way around this, making it a gift that does not need to be wrapped.

Another easy wedding favor option to end this article is to arrange for a professional photographer to attend the wedding reception and take a photo of every couple as they arrive looking their best. The photos can be printed out whilst the reception goes on and the guests will have a pleasant surprise at the end of the evening when they leave as their photo will be waiting for them. It is a nice gift and a wedding favor your guests will appreciate when they leave with a photo of how they looked on your wedding day. Many professional photographers have purchased small digital projectors so there is no reason why you couldn't request one at the reception and this way your guests could see the images that had been taken during the day.

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