Apr 9, 2008

Wedding Gown Sleeve Options

There are many options when it comes to Wedding Dress Sleeves. A walk through any Bridal Salon will show that by far, the most common choice these days is the strapless gown. If you wish to try something else, whether it is for modesty's sake, what suits your body best, or any other reason of personal preference, you have plenty of options.

Spaghetti Straps- These take some of the emphasis off the exposed areas of your chest and back, and hold the dress up. They do not provide much more coverage than a strapless dress.

- Halter tops can be very flattering, although not ideal for all body types. This is a great option if you want to show off your back and shoulders while covering up your neckline. Halter necklines can be fun and flirty or classy and elegant.

Sleeveless- You have some coverage on your shoulders and necklines, but the dresses straps don't entirely cover your shoulders

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Cap Sleeves- These can be very sheer lace, or they could be the same material as the rest of the dress. Cap Sleeves are very sweet and romantic.

Short Sleeves
- These cover your shoulder, but leave most of your arms bare.

Three-quarter length Sleeves
- These can also be sheer or opaque, lace, satin, or other fabrics. These are great if you want your arms to be covered, but not overwhelmed.

Long Sleeves
- Again, these sleeves can be any number of fabrics. Long sleeves provide warmth, coverage, and a classic look.

Bell or poet sleeves- Long sleeves that flare at the wrist.


Off-the-shoulder- Either long or short sleeves that rest off the shoulder add interest to the look of the Wedding Dress, while still showing off your shoulders.

Many dresses can be ordered with your choice of sleeve. Even if it is shown as strapless or having spaghetti straps, you can ask to add sleeves to make the dress your own.


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